Our vision

One of the main goals of the Parya Trillium Foundation is to assist Iranian-Canadian families in caring for their aging family members. Due to a variety of factors (language, lack of mobility etc.), senior members of the Iranian-Canadian community are often not able to access age-appropriate services. Parya’s goal is to bridge this gap by offering services to Iranian-Canadian seniors in their own language.

At Parya, our vision is to offer various types of services to Iranian-Canadians:

1. Socio-cultural services: as Parya’s goal is to be a true community recreation facility, serving all members of the community is paramount. Our goal is to provide an extensive range of social, health, recreational and educational opportunities for all age groups.

2. Immigration has helped make Canada a culturally rich, prosperous and progressive nation. At Parya, embracing our Canadian heritage is very important to us, and that's why we pride ourselves in providing our members with fun and informative programs to help them socialize, learn about their new home and become active engaged citizens of this country.

3. Youth: One of the most important aspects of our mission is to provide opportunities for young people to develop leadership and team building skills so they become actively engaged in their community. We are especially interested in helping youth build their communication skills, knowledge base and physical health. Through our programs, we encourage youth participation in community initiatives that offer them opportunities to develop effective leadership skills for tomorrow.

4. Seniors: One of the main goals of Parya’s seniors programs is to create a long-term care facility to better meet the needs of the seniors in our community once they are no longer able to live in their own homes. Our goal is to arrange for home support services as needed. Parya has expressed an interest in establishing a facility devoted entirely for geriatric care and to assist those individuals to secure appropriate accommodation and services to maximize their quality of life in a safe environment. This project will be executed in four different phases:

Phase 1: Seniors Community Centre

The seniors’ Community Centre will encourage a full and healthy lifestyle by promoting social interaction, physical activity, and mental stimulation. In addition, health awareness will be provided through educational programs for seniors and their families.

Phase 2: Nursing Home and Centre for Rehabilitation Services

This next phase will emphasize the long term health care of the Centre’s users. This facility will house the various modern medical services offered while providing a warmer, more nurturing environment in comparison to traditional hospitals. The design will focus on the well-being of its users, both physically and mentally. The 24 hour nursing services will include medical care, physiotherapy and recreational as well as therapeutic programs.

Phase 3: Non-Profit Apartment Building

The third phase contains apartment building and each unit will be designed with great sensitivity to the daily needs and limitations of its occupants. Priority will be given to a barrier-free design for ease of use and comfort. The provision of this type of housing will give a sense of independence and privacy to its tenants while providing easy access to support facilities for their medical and social needs.

Phase 4: Seniors Townhouses

The seniors’ townhouses will include two storeys, two bedroom units similar to the apartment building. Each unit will offer to its resident both privacy and independence without compromising the benefits of a support system. Its proximity to the Community Centre and its facilities will guarantee a healthy, stable and safe environment.


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