Archery Feb 2019


Our youth settlement workers can; 

·        Help youth complete volunteer hours either in Parya or in their field of interest. 

·        Help youth write their resume, search for jobs, prepare them for an interview, teach interview etiquette, and help them
         connect to employers willing to hire youth

·        Mentor them and coach them in becoming mentors to a younger kid, help them learn new skills while making new

·        Register then for trips and Ontario attraction sites

·        Register them for cooking lessons in Parya

·        Meet with them one-on-one and in a group setting

·        Book them with mental health workers

·        Brainstorm for new ideas and clubs in Parya

·        Refer them to services needed by youth available in the community

To meet with one of our youth workers in Chinese or Russian language please call ext 118, and to book an appointment with Farsi and French-speaking youth worker please call ext. 204

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